Founded in 1981, we are an independent asset management firm owned and managed by highly experienced investment professionals. We provide personalized investment solutions and adhere to a team-based decision making process. At AHB, you will have access to senior portfolio managers who provide custom solutions and have a vested interest in the success of your investment portfolio.

We at Abner, Herrman & Brock (AHB) take pride in our accumulated wisdom attained over decades of astute investing. Our comprehensive market knowledge and steadfast discipline enable us to provide solutions that achieve your investment objectives.

In today’s complex world of investing, it is a daunting challenge to understand the abundance of investment options available to you. At AHB, our Senior Portfolio Managers work with you to structure a tax-efficient investment solution to achieve your unique investment objectives. We do not use funds or packaged products; instead, we build a portfolio of stocks and bonds that you own directly. Personalized investment solutions provide clients with a tax-efficient approach with historically less risk and the potential to achieve above average rates of return. 


Our investment process is executed by the Investment Policy Committee (IPC), comprised of highly experienced professionals with decades of accumulated wisdom. The IPC follows a team based approach which applies our investment discipline.

Our investment process manages risk as we collectively think, plan and execute for consistent long–term returns. We protect your investments against market fluctuations to provide you above average absolute returns. Our approach is highly personalized and tailored to suit your specific investment objective.


A team of investment professionals that provides high-level, strategic guidance on investments with strict adherence to the firm’s investment philosophy and process. The committee identifies areas of investment opportunity and risk created by current market and economic conditions. The IPC is responsible for establishing and amending the firm’s investment recommendations, which serves as the starting point for individual client portfolios. It is then altered to meet each client’s needs based on age, income, risk tolerance and a host of other factors.