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Abner Herrman & Brock Asset Management (AHB), founded in 1981, is an independently owned investment management firm specializing in actively managed customized separately managed accounts (SMA’s).

AHB Serving Women Financial Consultants and their Clients

AHB is recognized as a leading Investment Manager serving Women Financial Consultants and their Clients.  Caryn Zweig, CEO of AHB has lead this initiative, recognizing the increasing Wealth of Women and their need for Professional Investment Management.


We serve financial advisors, RIA’s, high net worth individuals and institutions with accounts ranging from $250,000 to more than $50 million.  At AHB you will have direct access to senior portfolio managers who will help advise and identify an appropriate investment strategy.


AHB offers four investment strategies:

§  Custom Balanced – can be any blend of our Large-Cap Core Equity and either Municipal or Taxable bond strategies.

§  Investment-Grade Taxable Bond

§  Investment-Grade Municipal Bond

§   Large-Cap Core Equity 


The AHB Difference:

  • Actively managed customized SMAs
  • Provide existing portfolio reviews and proposals for prospects
  • Tax-efficient transitions of securities from existing portfolios
  • AHB Investment Policy Committee (IPC) makes investment decisions using a disciplined, team-based approach.  IPC decisions are executed by the portfolio manager
  • Invest exclusively in individual stocks and bonds that are directly owned by the client as opposed to owning funds or ETFs that have comingled assets