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Large Cap Core Equity Portfolio Management

Core Equity Portfolios are structured to provide above average, long-term, risk-adjusted rates of return, while at the same time placing a strong emphasis on capital appreciation. Our Core Equity Portfolios are invested in large capitalization growth and value companies and in economic sectors with high growth potential.


As a core equity manager, we invest in large capitalization growth and value companies. Using a top-down investment approach, we focus on the impact of major trends that affect the fundamentals of economic sectors and industries. A bottom-up company analysis is then conducted to identify attractive investments that meet our well-established risk/reward criteria.


Core Equity Portfolios consist of investments in large capitalization companies with both growth and value characteristics. Our investment process is executed by the Investment Policy Committee (IPC) which is comprised of highly experienced professionals with decades of accumulated wisdom.

Portfolios are structured with a top-down economic outlook and an evaluation of each economic sector’s growth prospects. We strive to understand the way things work in the world. We integrate economic, political, demographic and generational trends, proliferation of new technologies and globalization as part of our investment decision making process. The IPC conducts a bottom-up company analysis to select appropriate investments that meet our well established risk/reward criteria. To control risk and reduce volatility, we adhere to a discipline that diversifies our investments across economic sectors and in companies that we expect to have high growth potential.

STOCK selection

After we formulate an economic outlook, we begin our stock selection process. This process begins with an extensive quantitative analysis of our universe of established high-quality growth and value companies with capital appreciation potential and high relative market liquidity. This analysis provides a collection of attractive investment candidates from which we conduct a detailed study of each company’s fundamentals. These companies may be in a position to benefit from proprietary products and services, or in the process of positive change in structure, management, new product introductions or technological advancements.