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How does a personalized investment solution help to achieve my investment goals?

In today’s complex world of investing, it is a daunting challenge to understand the abundance of investment options available to you. At AHB, our Senior Portfolio Managers work with you to structure a tax-efficient investment solution to achieve your unique investment objectives. We do not use funds or packaged products; instead, we build a portfolio of stocks and bonds that you own directly. Personalized investment solutions provide clients with a tax-efficient approach with historically less risk and the potential to achieve above average rates of return.

What is an Investment Policy Committee (IPC)?

A team of investment professionals that provides high-level, strategic guidance on investments with strict adherence to the firm’s investment philosophy and process. The committee identifies areas of investment opportunity and risk created by current market and economic conditions. The IPC is responsible for establishing and amending the firm’s investment recommendations, which serves as the starting point for individual client portfolios. It is then altered to meet each client’s needs based on age, income, risk tolerance and a host of other factors.

What is a top-down investment approach?

An investment approach that involves looking at the global economy and financial markets and then separating those components into finer details. An investor may use different criteria when deciding to employ the top-down approach. For example, an investor may consider such factors as geography, sector trends and size. After looking at global economic conditions, different sectors are analyzed in order to select those that are forecasted to outperform. From this point, stocks of specific companies are further analyzed to find those that offer the best risk/reward opportunities.

When is a custom balanced approach appropriate?

At AHB, we work with you and your fiduciaries to understand your unique risk tolerance and income requirements. Together we determine an asset allocation between stock and bonds that will meet your investment objectives. As changes in your life impact your investment objectives, we help shift your asset allocation to adjust to your changing needs.

Why should I consider investing in Taxable Bonds?

Investing in bonds provides an investment portfolio with income generation and preservation of principal. Investors seeking to have less volatility in their portfolios tend to allocate a portion of their assets to bonds. Taxable bonds are appropriate for retirement accounts, accounts for non-profit organizations and for individuals who are in lower federal income tax brackets. Investment-grade taxable bonds typically consist of U.S. Treasury Bonds, Government Agency Bonds and Investment-Grade Corporate Bonds.

When should I choose municipal bonds for my portfolio?

By investing in municipal bonds, you may be able to achieve significant advantages over other fixed income securities, particularly if you are in a higher tax bracket. When you own a municipal bond, your interest payments will be free from federal taxes, and in many cases, exempt from state and local taxes. The tax advantages of municipal bonds may be so great that you would have to earn a considerably higher interest rate on taxable bonds -such as corporate bonds – to get the same after-tax return. Investment grade municipal bonds are among the most secure investments that you can own. In addition to tax-free income and preservation of principal, municipal bonds can also reduce the overall risk in a diversified portfolio