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Investment Grade Taxable Bond

Taxable Bond Portfolios are structured to provide above average, long-term, risk-adjusted rates of return, while at the same time placing a strong emphasis on the preservation of capital. Portfolios combine the low risk of U.S. Treasury bonds with the higher yield of government agency and investment grade corporate bonds. Furthermore, these portfolios are diversified and customized to meet your income and capital appreciation objectives.

Strategy Overview

An actively laddered strategy that seeks to generate income and capital appreciation with an emphasis on preservation of principal. Combining our macroeconomic outlook with fundamental company analysis, the team identifies credits with attractive relative value. The portfolio is structured with an intermediate-term duration and employs a dynamic approach to optimize yield to maturity. The strategy includes Investment Grade Corporates, US Treasury and Agency bonds with a minimum credit rating of “BBB-/Baa3.”

Investment Process

As an active bond manager, we select bonds in economic and industry sectors that represent attractive values. We extensively examine government monetary and fiscal policies and analyze the yield curve to identify the best relative values among maturities and types of bond instruments. Our consideration of the yield curve enhances our ability to select bonds that meet our liquidity and quality standards.


Options Include: Income requirements, tax loss harvesting, maturity restrictions, and company or sector exclusion.

Bond Selection

We focus on high-quality, intermediate maturity investment-grade corporate bonds exhibiting high relative market liquidity as well as U.S. Treasury and government agency bonds. Our quantitative credit spread analysis enhances our fundamental analysis of each corporation’s underlying business. In addition, we provide our clients access to a broad selection of bonds through our position in the institutional bond marketplace.