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Quarterly reviews


April 2019

As The World Turns

With the advent of the internet we have witnessed a dramatic change in the world order.  Knowledge and information have become more broadly available in all corners of the globe. With the expansion of information to a broader world population we have witnessed dramatic changes in…


January 2019

Putting on the Brakes

The fourth quarter of 2018 was one of volatility and change. Underlying the volatility was a change in the economic outlook for future growth and a change in control of the House of Representatives from Republican to Democrat. The election in November of 2018 changed the Congressional balance of power. In 2019, Congress will be split with the Democrats as the majority in the House of Representative and the Republicans as the majority in the Senate. This congressional split is likely to…




October 2018

It’s Only Just Begun

The U.S. economy continued to expand in the second quarter of 2018 at an increased rate of 4.2%. The growth was significantly greater than most economists had forecasted. The U.S. economy is now operating at close to peak levels when compared to past economic expansions. Unemployment is at a low 3.9% of the work force, while retail sales have begun to…


July 2018

Full Steam Ahead

U.S. economic growth is accelerating. This is long awaited and welcome news. Economists are expecting the second quarter to report almost 4% GDP growth. Unemployment is approaching historic lows and consumer spending continues to increase. Companies have used the new tax cuts to invest in…